Wesbrook Welcome Centre


Four large garage doors surround the Wesbrook Welcome Centre, allowing the space to literally open up and invite the community in. It is a space for the entire community to engage in, a place where people could get info and find out about events, but also connect, play, and relax. It’s the hub and heart of Wesbrook Village. Built across from Blenz on Wesbrook Mall, the Welcome Centre will stay in place for at least ten years. Think of it as Wesbrook’s HQ. Nine large, interactive screens will ring the circular room, displaying events calendars, real estate opportunities, and annotated maps of the surrounding area. Visitors will also be able to stop by for movie nights and to view major sports events as they come up. And why don’t you stay awhile? The Centre also offers a game-equipped Kids Corner, a computer work area, washrooms, and comfy loungers.

Location: 3378 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6S 0A8
(604) 228-2025
Hours of Operation:  Monday - Sunday (10am-6pm)

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