Wesbrook Village Book Donation, Swap, and Sale


To celebrate Earth Day, Wesbrook Village is hosting a book donation, swap, and sale! Give your gently used books a second life and meet other book enthusiasts.

Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017
Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Cost: Free admission
Location: MBA House (3385 Wesbrook Mall)

Here's how:

1. Bring in books for swap on the day of the event or drop them off ahead of time (starting April 1st) at the Wesbrook Welcome Centre.
2. On the event day, swap participants will be given a label with the number of books brought in for swap at the registration table.
3. Swap away!
4. Participants with no books for swap can purchase books for $2 each. All proceeds to support the Pacific Spirit Park Society.
5. Pay/checkout your books at the checkout table and receive a special token from us!
6. Enjoy your book at a local coffee shop.

Donated Books must meet the below requirements:
  • Please ensure that the books donated for swap are gently used and in mild condition.
  • Please make sure books are free of mildew, mold, and dirt.
  • We appreciate your donation, but colouring books, activity books, and sticker books will not be accepted, so are school and university textbooks, guidebooks, manuals, atlases and similar publications.
  • Wesbrook Welcome Centre Ambassador has the right to decline any publication for swap if deemed unsuitable.

1. What kind of books can I swap?
We are happy with both novels and non-fiction. We also accept children’s books. We will most likely turn away these kinds of publications:
  • School textbooks
  • Manuals
  • Those with highly controversial subject matter
  • Comics or graphic novels are a grey area – Please do ask our staff during drop off.
2. How many books can I swap?
This book swap is strictly one-to-one exchange. For example, if you donate 3 books, you'll be able to take home 3 (or less) books. At the registration table you will receive a sticker with the number of books you donated for swap. At the exit, the number of books you take home should match the number on the sticker given to you.

3. What if I don’t have any books to swap?
That’s fine, you can still purchase the books for $2 each!

4. Can I bring in books to donate on the day of?
Yes! Book donations can be dropped off for swap on the day of. Please speak to one of our staff at the registration table by the entrance.

5. What happens to the leftover books?
Books which fail to find a new home will be donated to needy institution.

6. Where does the money collected from the book sale go?
It will be donated to the Pacific Spirit Park Society.

7. Can I just donate and not swap?
To avoid too many leftover books at the end of the event, we will encourage you to participate in the swap if you donated books. However, swapping is not mandatory.

  • Saturday April 22, 2017