Valentine's Day at Wesbrook Village



Celebrate Valentine's Day at Wesbrook Village.

Need a last-minute idea for romance?
We've got you covered.


Rogers' Chocolates
Who needs Cupid when you have Rogers' Chocolates? Pick from a large selections of chocolates in-store!

Shoppers Drug Mart

Choose from a wide selection of plushies including their giant teddy bears or indulge yourself and your loved one by choosing from their fragrance collection!

Save-On Foods
Grab an assortment of flowers and balloons from Save-On Foods and surprise your loved ones!

Doughgirls Bakeshop

Try their very special Chocolate Bread on this very special day!

Murchie's Fine Tea
Sweetheart Tea from Murchie’s Tea: One sip, and the love connection gets…steep.

The Hot Box Yoga
Couples Yoga at Hot Box: It’s getting steamy in here. No, I mean, literally hot.

Biercraft, Blenz, Menchies
Wesbrook has plenty of romantic spots for the perfect date! We've got you covered from Dinner to Desserts in the area.