UBC Farm Spring Pop-Up Market


Until their summer farmers markets begin in June, UBC Farm is
hosting a spring pop-up market every other Tuesday at your neighborhood farm.
Enjoy our seasonal, farm-fresh, and certified organic produce and find out why
shoppers line up early at our summer markets to get their hands on the best
eggs in town! Enjoy the flavor and nutrition of fresh eggs from our
free-range, rotational-grazing chicken flock and before shopping at the pop-up
market, you can even visit the chickens or walk our fields to see what’s
growing. We will also have a wide variety of UBC Farm seeds available for all
of your spring gardening projects in addition to fresh and dried herbs to spice
up your cooking.

No limit on the number of eggs per person. Cash, debit and credit cards accepted
and customers are asked to bring their own bags. See you at the market!

Date: April 4th, April 18th, May 2nd, May 16th
Time: 4:30-5:30PM
Cost: Free!
Location: UBC Farm, 3461 Ross Drive
(between Birney Ave and Grey Ave)

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  • Tuesday April 04, 2017