THE FACES OF WESBROOK: Sarah Wolton & Chris Bedford, Owners of Hot Box Yoga


Hot Box Yoga founders Sarah Wolton and Chris Bedford first conceived
of their unconventional yoga business on, of all places, a beach in Sayulita,
Mexico. “It was kind of a reality check/epiphany moment,” says Sarah – a
moment where she knew, deep down, that she wanted to devote her life to
yoga practice. The couple went on to open their first studio in January 2012
in Kelowna, and it was a wild success. Coming to the coast was a natural
evolution from there. “Vancouver has always been our dream city.”

When it came to location, Wesbrook Village was a no-brainer. “We had this
vision in our heads of a hipster yoga studio in the Pacific Spirit forest, and
we just couldn’t get the ‘yoga treehouse’ image out of our minds,” says Chris.
“Not to mention the potential of the community, the proximity to downtown,
and UBC campus.”

The Hot Box Yoga team believes that a more lighthearted, fun approach
to yoga is seriously needed in Vancouver. “We want yoga to be accessible,
affordable, and attractive to everyone.” Accordingly, Hot Box Yoga
offers high-energy classes, set to fun, modern music, in a non-pretentious
environment, led by incredible West Coast teachers. All this unfolds in what
they call the “Happiness Machine” – their name for the main studio.

The formula has proved a success. “Business is booming,” says Sarah, and today,
residents and visitors from across the city – and indeed, the world – tell her they
see Hot Box Yoga as a kind of home away from home. Epiphany, indeed.