Taste This - Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Comes to Town


No neighborhood is complete before the treat shop moves in. Menchie’s, the frozen yogurt mecca, opened in August to the definite delight of locals. Choose from 14 yogurts on tap (plenty are non-fat), plus a whopping 46 toppings and 5 sauces—all lovingly tapped, scooped and poured by customers themselves. (Oreo crumble, strawberries and caramel? Don’t mind if we do.) Matthew, a shift-lead who’s been here since the beginning, says he’s seeing a real community form in Wesbrook. “There’s this great mix of students, seniors, and families.”

There’s also a “celebrity wall” full of shots from the LA Menchie’s locations—the chain began there in 2007, and has proudly shown how the likes of Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears enjoy their treats without spoiling their diets. But Matthew’s more excited about another wall. “These are our first customers,” he says, pointing to a shot of two beaming kids. “We’ll take photos of folks at events we’re sponsoring, or anybody who walks in and wants to be on the wall.”

Favourite flavours? “Original Tart is the top,” says Matthew. “Though kids are more likely to go for Cake Batter. Then, for toppings, grownups go for brownies and New York Cheesecake. And kids will do anything in gummy form.” Which is not to say that health goes out the window here. In fact, what sets Menchie’s apart are their vegan options, their commitment to non-fat yogurt and their alternatives to high-fructose corn syrups. It’s all Kosher, too, and full of active/live cultures.

It’s like a guilty pleasure, then, without the guilt.