EV Charging Now at Wesbrook Village



The most powerful and advanced EV charging station now active at Wesbrook Village

We strive to live clean and green at Wesbrook Village - sustainability has always been a priority in this neighbourhood. So we're incredibly proud and honoured that, thanks to a partnership between UBC Properties Trust, BC Hydro, and the UNA, we now host the fastest charging station at UBC - totally free!

This is one of the first level 3 charging stations in the Lower Mainland. These stations are 10x more powerful than a level 2 charging station, delivering up to 100km or 80% charge in 30 minutes of charging. EV drivers can pull up to the parking spot - on Webber Lane, across from the Wesbrook Community Centre - and charge for up to one hour. The charging station was supplied in part by a coordinated fund from our residential developers (as part of UBC's REAP green development program), along with BC Hydro, who are providing the free electricity to support the use of electric vehicles.

So, when you need a little zip in your whip, now you know exactly where to get a zap! Very proud to see sustainable activities come to life in our neighbourhood.