Bank on It - RBC’s work at the heart of a community


As you enter Wesbrook Village, the neighborhood’s financial institution, Royal Bank of Canada, is likely the first business you’ll see.

Manager William Mah has been at the bank’s helm since the branch opened in 2011. From his position, he’s been able to watch Wesbrook Village grow from a masterplan on paper to a living, breathing community where residents now come to him for advice on all their financial matters.

“We’re holding a continuous series of events and seminars at venues throughout UBC campus—events that dispense advice about saving for a child’s education, helping newly landed immigrants, estate planning, and lots more,” he says.

With the completion of new residential projects throughout the peninsula, Mah is seeing a flush of new residents and businesses animating Wesbrook Village’s streets: “There’s definitely a community feel now as the Village is creating its own identity,” he says. “It’s a true melting pot of residents, composed of UBC staff, faculty and students, plus seniors, new immigrants, and young families.”

It’s that mix, says Mah, that gives his work (and Wesbrook Village as a whole) such value. “We’re proud to be of service to clients from all walks of life.”