All Together Now - What sort of place are we building?


The UBC and UBC Properties Trust team gave themselves the task of conceiving what a true 21st century village would look and feel like. As each of UBC’s eight neighbourhoods comes into its own, that vision is now unfolding – especially at one neighbourhood called Wesbrook.

Within wood frame residences and magnificent concrete high-rises, the Wesbrook neighbourhood plan calls for the creation of approximately 6,000 homes with about 12,000 full-time residents from a variety of backgrounds and representing all different stages of life.

Wesbrook is meeting the plan’s vision of being a vibrant, sustainable place to live, shop, learn and play, all within easy walking distance of beaches and cultural venues, community centres and groceries. (And since the #41 bus stops in the middle of Wesbrook Village, the rest of Metro Vancouver is also close at hand...)

Rental housing has been filling up with people eager to be surrounded by parks and shops – and to be a quick ride to the centre of campus. And homeowners in the area represent a range of buyers. Families love the quiet green streets, excellent schools and numerous playgrounds, while many older West Side residents appreciate being able to downsize from larger homes while still staying in an amenity-rich area that their children and grandchildren love to visit.

And, since a third of elementary school children here come from families of mature students (who inevitably graduate and move on), says Paul Young, the Director of UBC Properties Trust, the schools and community here are constantly getting new injections of youth. “What we’re going to see as this community matures,” says Young, “is a place that is continually regenerating.”