A Vision of Health: Wesbrook Eyecare Sees Things Pretty Clearly


Clear vision is something many of us take for granted. Life’s beauty is often focused on what we can see. Taking care of our eyesight – early in life, and very proactively thereafter – can help us enjoy that beauty for a long, long time.

Dr. Li of Wesbrook Eyecare is this neighbourhood’s resident clear vision specialist. She points out that we can all take great care of our eyesight with some simple tips and a preventative attitude.

Kid’s eye health is especially important, and easy to overlook. Often, people don’t notice vision problems until the child has been dealing with it for some time – simply because kids are young, and can’t always identify issues themselves. Plus, some issues aren’t always obvious – binocular eye disorder, for example, can affect learning, and sometimes appears to be ADHD. Lazy eye (amblyopia) is another common problem affecting kids. Dr. Li recommends that kids get their first checkup at 1 year of age, and then get their eyes checked every year after that. MSP covers eye exams for kids every 11 months, which makes regular checkups a lot easier.

Of course, as adults, we need to be just as vigilant. Many people suffer from common correctable vision issues, both in the workplace and in everyday life. Dry eyes, eye strain, headaches and migraines – these and other symptoms are often rooted in very treatable conditions. Contact

lens-related complications are also often easily correctable, but sometimes hard to feel by the wearer.

Many people ignore these conditions or leave them too long, because they’re not sure what their coverage allows for. Dr. Li reminds us that MSP covers yearly eye exams for kids and partial coverage for seniors. Adults must rely on their extended coverage for eye care, but most workplace health plans cover at least a percentage of eye exams and glasses. Check your health plan. (Also, if you’re an adult with an eye disease, this is covered by MSP.) 

Students, meanwhile, get a special discounted rate from Wesbrook Eyecare. AMS covers up to $50 so students end up paying only $60 (Students must have an AMS cart to get this special price. Regular Eye exams are $110.)

Naturally, a university needs to pay close attention to vision care. Wesbrook Eyecare is proud to stand as this community’s one-stop shop for both exams and eye care products. Dr. Li speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, as well – so everyone can communicate what’s happening with their eyesight easily.

Visit WesbrookEyecare.com for details, or better yet, stop by the store at 3339 Wesbrook Mall, or call 604.558.EYES (3937) to make an appointment. In any case – enjoy all the beautiful sights this summer has to offer.